By Creating an Intelligent Process Control System for Grain and Oil Tank Farms, HNAC Technology Helps Daodaoquan Build Intelligent Plant



Recently, Intelligent Plant for Edible Vegetable Oil of Daodaoquan Grain and Oil Jingjiang Co., Ltd., which was jointly built by HNAC Technology, was successfully selected as a demonstration plant for intelligent manufacturing in Jiangsu Province, representing the first provincial "intelligent plant" in Jingjiang City. The intelligent plant covering an area of 38,000 m2 produces refined oil of 1,000 tons daily and 300,000 tons of packaged edible oil annually once full production capacity is achieved. The project takes the lead in the industry to adopt the intelligent process control system for grain and oil tank farms independently developed HNAC Technology for the total of 63 oil tanks in the production tank farm, blending tank farm and logistics tank farm, realizing the highly automatic production and intelligent management of tank farms, and greatly improve the production efficiency and operation indicators.

Business order-driven production integrates automation and informatization of tank farms

The traditional automatic control system and business system for grain and oil tank farms are independent of each other, data cannot be shared. By contrast, the intelligent process control system of HNAC Technology replaces the traditional manual operation with MES order-driven mode, that is, orders are directly placed through the MES system to drive business processes of tank farms such as tanker oil collection and distribution, pipeline oil collection and distribution, cooking oil blending, pipeline flushing, nitrogen filling circulation, reladling, oil return treatment, etc. After confirming the order information issued by the business department, the operator of the central control room will start the whole business process with one click, and the process pipeline path will be automatically planned. After the order is completed, relevant equipment will be automatically stopped in sequence. No workers are required to operate in the intermediate process, which greatly reduces the labor cost of the tank farm as well as the difficulty and risk of manual operation. In addition to automatic data interaction with the business system, the system also has functions such as lightweight MES, business order information review, and automatic processing of abnormalities.

Order Information of Business System

Order Execution Interface Corresponding to Intelligent Process Control System of HNAC Technology

The system breaks the communication barrier between automation and informatization, realizes the automatic data interaction with the MES system, and uses IT (information technology) plug-in (control) to solve the advanced application functions that cannot be solved by OT (operation technology), which is more in line with industry application habits, greatly reduces software and hardware costs and provides an effective reference for other application fields.


Innovative technology provides strong technical support for tank farm production

In order to improve the production level and efficiency of the tank farm, the system is constantly upgraded and innovated to make the grain and oil blending in the tank farm more intelligent, the calculation of tank capacity highly simplified, and crude oil loss minimized.

Oil blending through one set of tanks: The traditional oil blending in the tank farm is completed through a single tank, while in addition to this, the system also supports oil blending through one set of tanks (tanks A and B), and cooperates with the packaging line to automatically start and stop (constant pressure) oil transmission according to the production needs of the packaging line.

Residual oil treatment: Calculate the actual remaining amount according to the proportion of each oil product in the previous order, and then automatically include the residual oil in oil products of the same type in the next order to reduce oil waste;

Automatic calculation of tank capacity: Automatically read the tank capacity table provided by a third-party inspection agency according to the current temperature and liquid level values corresponding to the oil products in the tank to calculate the weight of oil products in the current tank.

In addition, the system features flexible sequence control, an intuitive and clear HMI interface, clear user management authority and strong information traceability, bringing users a good use experience.

In the face of rising labor costs, overcapacity, and increasing personalized demand, intelligent plant construction is an inevitable trend in modern industry and the manufacturing field, and the only way for the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. Under the guidance of the "Made in China 2025" strategy, HNAC Technology will continue to adhere to the development path of intelligent manufacturing, innovate and develop digital technology, advanced manufacturing and intelligent equipment technology, and help industrial enterprises transform and upgrade.


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