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Jingshi Electromechanical Technology
The company specializes on the lithium battery test automation equipment, intelligent logistics system integration

It is the strategic partner of famou enterprises in the new energy field such as CATL, ATL, SVOLT, Ganfeng, Sunwoda, Penghui, EVE and CALB.

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C-Y project

The project capacity is planned to be 120PPM, including formation machine, capacity machine, stacker, manipulator, logistics roller line, standing warehouse location, etc.; the company is mainly responsible for the overall design, manufacturing, on-site installation and commissioning of the project.
Technological breakthroughs:
● Vacuum system based on electric proportional valve precision control technology;
● Detection probes assembly based on rapid replacing structure design;
● 7.5m/15m high-speed stacker.

F-Y blade battery charging and discharging equipment project

The project capacity was planned to be 60PPM, including pre-charging press machine, capacity grading machine, OCV sorting machine, DCIR test machine and restraint tray; the company was responsible for the overall design, manufacturing, on-site installation and commissioning of the project.
Technological breakthroughs:
● Vacuum formation system based on restraint tray pressurization;
● Realized compatibility of multiple blade batteries based on automatic motor regulation;
● Channels in the same storage location can be configured with different overcurrent capacities.

J-X super-large pouch cell project

The project capacity is planned to be 3PPM, including hot-pressed fixture, stacker, sleeved restraint clamp, tray, logistics roller line, standing storage location, etc.; the company is mainly responsible for the overall design, on-site installation and commissioning of the project.
Technical breakthroughs:
● Realized pressurization mechanism design with over 10 times of regular pressure;
● probe design with over 5 times of regular current;
● customized non-standard fork design of stacker that can directly grasp 4 cells;
● automatic transfer of super-large pouch cell

Automatic control system for Z-T cathode material processing

Based on the HZK-BMT battery material control system platform, the company customizes and develops an automatic control system according to the characteristics of the industry that has been widely applied in the nickel dissolution workshop, nickel purification workshop, storage tanks in the zone, extraction workshop, leaching workshop, recovery workshop, etc. of the company.
Technological breakthroughs:
● Full-automatic control has replaced traditional semi-automatic and semi-manual control mode;
● Customized and developed the cathode material treatment process control database to realize programming modularization and fuzzification, and set important process parameters by the customer, effectively protecting process data from leakage;
● Automatic flow control, automatic proportioning control, and automatic unloading control

Z-T AGV intelligent warehouse

This project is a workshop for the storage, proportioning and dissolution of ternary precursor raw materials with an area of 97,156m2 and nearly 3,500 storage locations. The main body of the project is a batch of AS/RS with stacked AGV as storage and retrieval equipment as well as supporting facilities and equipment.
Technological breakthroughs:
● Vehicle guidance is integrated with WMS to realize efficient and accurate arrival at the unloading point in the warehouse;
● The double-layer roller line design can realize the simultaneous operation under full load and no load, improving the operation efficiency and saving the area occupation; a buffer area is set in the warehouse-in and -out area to reduce the waiting time of AGV;
● RFID combined with panoramic cameras are applied to track the whole material lifecycle through WMS system data management in a dynamic manner

Automatic control system for S-N anode material processing

Based on the HZK-BMT battery material control system, the company customizes and develops a process function library according to the characteristics of the industry to realize whole-process automatic control.
Technological breakthroughs:
● Be provided with stable and easy-to-use process function library with safe systems and simple operation: General equipment and process function blocks are developed to save project program development time, facilitate maintenance and improve system stability;
● Realization of automatic control of process flow: Automatic control programs for 4 core processes, including reaction kettle loading, reaction kettle temperature control, cooling kettle loading and cooling kettle dispatching are developed to realize the full-process production automation, one-button process operation and process suspension functions of the system;
● Development of report function meeting production requirements: Automatically recording and generating relevant data reports of different batches and process time nodes according to the needs of production batches and processes simplify the workload of operator production records and improve the accuracy of records



Company Profile

Focus on the integration of lithium battery test automation equipment and intelligent logistics system

Established in 1994, JINGSHI Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of HNAC Technology Co., Ltd. (300490), with more than 500 employees. The company employs one operation center and three manufacturing bases in the national market to continuously improve its delivery capacity.

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